Shower in a waterfall • Swim in rock pools • Explore

Sunsets • Sleep under the stars • New friendships  

 • Beautiful nature  • Nap in the shade of a tree  • Be yourself

6 days in the mountains for 2020's Matrics from all over South Africa.

When: 12th January - 17th January 2021.

Applications closed 21st December 2020


Every year we invite Matrics to apply for one of the 16 scholarships available, for a place on WILD NIGHTS OUT.


Come and do something different, dance to your own beat, follow your own path, to celebrate and mark the enormous milestone of finishing school.


Guided by a team of professional mountain guides, you will get to take some time out to reflect on the crazy Matric year, swim in rock pools, sleep under the stars, take restful naps in the shade of a tree, and hang out with amazing other Matrics from all over South Africa.


WILD NIGHTS OUT happens only once a year and is for Matric school leavers only. 


WILD NIGHTS OUT short clip - inside scoop.

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Frequently asked questions

What does WILD NIGHTS OUT cost?

Thanks to funders 16 scholarships are made available to support Matric’s getting out into nature, therefore the cost to you is minimal. There is simply a donation that we ask you to make that is a “Pay-it-forward” gesture of R400. This money is put towards helping the Matrics of next year to go out into the mountains, in the same way that this donation from the year before is now going towards helping you to join us. If you do not have the R400 then please get in contact with us with an amount that feels possible for you.

Where does it happen?

WILD NIGHTS OUT happens in the Cederberg Mountains in the WESTERN CAPE. Currently this is the only province where it happens. (We are working on getting it to happen in other provinces.)

How do I apply?

Click on the button that says "APPLY HERE" and it will take you to the application form. Otherwise you can Whatsapp us and we'll send you a PDF form. Uou type up your answers and send them back to us in a message. The application form will ask you why you feel you should be one of the participants? Please really consider your reasons and then share them there. The more personalized and detailed the better. Your response is what will be considered most carefully in allocating places on WILD NIGHTS OUT. It's simple: the more effort you put in the more likely it is that you will be allocated a place. The ability to answer these kinds of questions is a real life skill, so use this opportunity to practice... enjoy telling us who you are and why you should be here.

How do I get there?

We organise a bus to take everyone up to the Cederberg Mountains, and fetch you again 6 days later. Currently WILD NIGHTS OUT only happens in the Western Cape. This means that if you live in another part of the country you will have to make your way to Cape Town and arrange somewhere to stay there the night before we leave. You will aslo need to arrange to stay the night when we get back, as we only arrive back in Cape Town around 5pm on the afternoon of the 13th December. If you really want to come, and you know you'll need to get a bus/catch a flight, you can start fundraising and save for this early in the year.

What do I need to bring

•Some food. (We provide you with a suggested menu and you get teamed up in groups of 4 to share the buying of food) •Backpack - a big one (see the picture for an idea of size) This is a good sized backpack •Sleeping bag •Sleeping mat •Bowl, cup and spoon •Takkies/hiking boots

What it I don’t have some things of the “to bring” list?

Don't worry if you don't have this kind of gear. First plan is asking your friends and neighbours if they have anything on this list that you can borrow. If you still can't find an item then let us know and we can lend you one.

Who qualifies for a place?

Anyone can apply to WILD NIGHTS OUT. The only criteria is that you need to be finishing Matric in the year that you apply for. We have also made WILD NIGHTS OUT accessible to EVERYONE through scholarships. BUT - There are only 16 places in total each year!! This means after you apply and you are offered a place book your spot on the bus by paying the "PAY-IT-FORWARD" donation straight away and commit. Your place will otherwise be handed on to the next person waiting for the spot.

How can I support this project?

Please check out our Info for Funders page for more information. If you are interested in learning how to facilitate and coordinate this experience in your province please contact us directly. We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a mail if you'd like to volunteer time, resources, transport, food, gear or the many other ways in which you might want to support getting Matrics into the mountains each year.


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